Proliad strives to build the best luminaires in the world. Not a modest statement, we know, but our passion and love for high quality products forces us to live up to our statement.

15 years ago we noticed we could gather and collect the best LED light chips and the best drivers, however we could never find a really good or perfect fixture. There is so much lousy quality and design out there, mostly focused on mass production. And honestly, we are also not impressed with lots of the more expensive or exclusively designed solutions. With a background in aluminum manufacturing and lighting, we combined knowledge and started Proliad (Professional Light Advise).

Today we claim to offer the highest quality luminaires on the market. We simply do not compromise on quality. No, this does not necessarily mean we are always the most expensive. However, if you intend to decrease quality because of pricing, we are surely not the right partner for you. The pride you feel for the item we help you illuminate, is exactly the pride we feel of what we deliver to you.

made in the netherlands

We feel it is important to manufacture locally. We want to guarantee the quality and design of each Proliad luminaire. And why send orders across our already polluted world when we can work with the highest quality Dutch aluminum and produce it better ourselves? We lower our and as well your CO2 footprint and keep stock to a minimum. We can innovate on the spot and integrate new technologies in experiments together with our suppliers Xicato and Eldoled.


why only the highest quality?

A well-lit space improves the mood and makes people feel more comfortable. A monument or work of art deserves attention in perfect light conditions. LED lighting is quality lighting. It offers a myriad of options, we can adjust the lighting to suit preferences of the time of day, weather conditions, the season and your mood.

LED is sustainable, it allows you to control costs and is better for the environment. Combined with the highest quality fixtures, fixtures that not only look right but are robust and functional for over 15 years, it leads to a lower need for faster replacement. This in turn will lead to lower long-term costs, less time and worry for you and again, a lower footprint.

only the best components

We use only the very best and latest components that conserve energy, provide an optimal lighting experience and are sustainable. We demonstrate that LED lighting is relaible, offers a wide spectrum of colours and is of high quality. Whatever you choose, we will deliver consistent quality.

carefully selected partners


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