Not your typical corporate marketing message selling promises of a better world. Not while your corporate shareholders explicitly and publicy tell you profit, and profit alone, is the only thing you work for. We truly are different. We honestly and passionately try to do everything to diminish our CO2 and carbon footprint. We identify five areas in our footprint reduction program.

  1. Quality
  2. Local production
  3. Transport
  4. Chain of delivery
  5. Energy consumption

Quality – The best way to reduce footprint is to design and manufacture sustainable products, in other words high quality products that last for a very long time. Almost all of our lighting fixtures are still in use, ever since we created them. Since we exist for eleven years now, we expect to be able to say the same thing over the next ten years. Our products are created to last and function for twenty years. We equip our fixtures with high quality long lasting LED chips and drivers. We design and build our fixtures to be able to easily replace components in order to extend the life cycle. The high quality of our products is our main contribution to the environment.

Local production – Dutch manufacturing is ranked amongst the best in the world in terms of quality. We manufacture and produce our fixtures ourselves in our own factory in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. Our aluminum is coming from Dutch steel factories. Because of local production we do not hold a large stock, when we need more products we can instantly start production and delivery. In addition, aluminum is easy and friendly to recycle. Finally, local manufacturing enables us to monitor and manage the working environment and circumstances of our employees. You are by appointment welcome to visit us and watch how we work.

Transport – We import as little components and parts from far away destinations. If we can get it local or from Europe, we choose those products. In case components are only available from low-wage countries, we check or reuqest a description of working circumstances and labor and sustainability policies.  We choose electric transportation for our own transports when possible. Important as well, we do not have distributors who own stock, resulting in a lot less transports.

Chain of delivery – We check all of our customers for their policies regarding sustainability, working circumstances and approach to the environment. If they are surrounded by negative reports on the environment or the way they treat their employees, we step away an dlook for alternatives. We choose for local production or suppliers where we can. It is time to lower the number of large polluting ships sailing across the world.

Energy consumption - LED is sustainable and durable. The difference with halogen or other lighting usually adds up to lowering the energy consumption by 3 to 5 times. This results in lots less CO2. In addition, LED lighting usually lasts for over 50,000 hours. Finally, Proliad is actively participating in projects aimed at reducing light pollution, for example reduction of public or traffic lighting at night.


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